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What People Are Saying about WAFO :

Oyinkansola Akinbode
I sow the sum of #10,000 on 2nd of Sept and reap #20,000 today. Long live WAFO.
I am very excited to get my full reap ..... Wafo to the moon
Nworie Deborah
Wow!!!! Wafo is the best place to beoooooo, iam more than Happy, 150k received without call, thanks my wonderful people of wafo
Ugwu Micheal chinedu
Thanks wafo.. Alert fully received without calling
Thank you Wallet Fortune for staying true to your promise

"Our Goal"

We know that peer-to-peer schemes generally have been given a totally frustrating/ugly impression in Nigeria and beyond by fraudulent individuals. The goal of this project is to cure this anomaly; to give peer-to-peer schemes a new face in Nigeria and beyond and prove beyond every reasonable doubt that peer-to-peer Schemes are Sustainable and can impact on the Society positively.

"About Us"

WAFO is borne out of the need for a Sustainable peer-to-peer financial leverage scheme. This community is built on the need to introduce a scheme that is highly sustainable and can help participants raise finance for whatever purpose ranging from business needs, educational needs, health needs and to even minutest needs like pocket cash. Donations on WAFO are made gratuitously from member to member on the basis of sowing a fortune in someone’s life and Reaping a Fortune from another when in need.

How It Works

Users will register with the following details: name, valid phone number and password. Upon submission of the form, a verification code will be sent to the user to verify his/her phone number. the user will be required to add his/her bank account details.

This system gives its participants 50% growth of their investment after 14days which is 3.5% daily growth.Before a user would be allowed to reap his fortune, a recommitment fee of 10% is required. This is compulsory for all users. The act of donating and receiving donations is termed Sow a Fortune (SF) and Reap a Fortune (RF).

All users earn an additional 3% bonus for all direct referrals while Managers also earn 2% and 1% respectively for their 2nd and 3rd generation referrals.

All users are expected to donate an amount equal to or greater than their last sow. Users can only withdraw a referral bonus provided the amount is equal to or less than the last sow.

After Sowing a Fortune, you can be matched at any time as it is an automated system and you will only be given 24 hours to fulfil your pledge so all participants are advised to monitor their accounts daily though you can seek for extension of time by 12 hours from the receiver of the fortune.

You are expected to click “I have made payment” after making payment while the receiver clicks “I have received payment” after receiving the payment. You will only be required to upload a proof of payment (pop) or bank statement within 48 hours if there be any dispute. Make sure you are sure before taking any action.

There will be 24 hours LIVE SUPPORT team to attend to you and you are expected to SF latest 3 days after registration and after RF else your account be blocked.

Finally, only valid phone numbers work on this site as you shall be expected to verify it at strategic points.